walmarttrade.com Bounty Program

walmarttrade.com Bounty program offers our members to earn bitcoins free just by doing simple tasks. In the meanwhile, it help us to better service our community and investors.


Social Network

1. Facebook/Twitter Post $1

Make a post in your facebook/Twitter like below:

Start bitcoin mining easily with existing hash power. Bitcoin is paid out instantly. Join now: your referral link.

2. Deposit and share in Facebook or Twitter $20

Deposit at least 0.01 BTC first. Then share in your facebook or twitter. You should attach your referral link in the post.

3. Withdraw and share in Facebook or Twitter $5

Make a sucessful withdrawal, then share in your facebook or twitter. You should attach your referral link in the post.


  • *Your account should be active and created more than 6 months ago.
  • *In the post you must attach your referral link correctly.
  • *Your account and posts should be publicly available.


1.Youtube review ($20 to $100)

Record a video to explain how walmarttrade.com.com works in English or your local lauguage. You should show your face and make at least 0.01 BTC in the video.

2. Share your success with insmining ($20 to $100)

Record a video to share your success story with walmarttrade.com.com in English or your local lauguage. You should make a sucessful withdraw in the video.


  • *You should show your face in the video.
  • *Please attach your referral link under the video.
  • *You should upload your video to youtube.
  • *Your account and all videos need to be public.
  • *The higher quality of the video, the more bounty.

Blog Campaign

Write a blog ($10 to $100)

Write an article about the company your experience with us on your website/blog. The deposit and withdrawal proof should be included in your blog.


  • *Your blog alexa rank should be under 1 million.
  • *The article should be written by yourself, and must contain at least 500 characters.
  • *Do not delete the article even after check. In case of deletion, the result will be canceled.


Manage a social group. ($200 to $1000 active deposit)

Create a facebook or telegram group for walmarttrade.com
Invite at least 100 members in your group
You should consult our investors and solve their problem.
Communicate with company team with latest progress.


  • *You should be kind and polite to our investors.
  • *You should be in the blockchain industry for more than 1 year.
  • *The most active group will be selected as our official group, and the creator will be rewarded $1000 active deposit.
  • *We have the right to cancel the bounty if you do not do it well.

How to claim

After you complete the offer,please send an email to [email protected]

Title : Bounty - Username

Description : Please include the details to prove that you have successfully complete the campaign.


  • *Each bounty offer can be done only once.
  • *The verification will take 1-3 business days.
  • *Our company reserve the right to deny your application with a specific reason.
  • *Our company will add bounty manually after we verify the information.
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